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It is our intention to develop mutually beneficial relationships with our business partners, thereby allowing us the opportunity to be their first choice to fulfill their needs. Doing so since 2001, REI aims to continue creating and nurturing these relationships.

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REI prides itself as the industry leading provider of sales and services to the medical imaging community in all of Florida

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With years of experience and an excellent team of engineers and technicians, REI provides service for medical imaging modalitie.

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REI customers have come to expect high quality medical imaging service and products at a competitive price

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Radiographic Engineering, Inc. is committed to use our skills and intellect in the industry to provide our customers
the highest levels of service. Our team consists of uniquely qualified individuals whose collective knowledge ”
is unsurpassed in the area of service, sales, and technical support.

We purchase new and used machines. Give  us a call or send us an email and we will  promptly get back to you with a quote.


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